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Speaking about the writing of the article, it is important to pay your attention to that fact that the article is not only the simple description of some situation, event or the phenomenon. It is the special submission of the information, which set the task to attract the attention of the concrete audience and make them interest in this.

However, you should not forget about the rules of writing of the article, because the essay writer expects not only to write the text, but to achieve its success and perfection.

If you want your article to be an ideal, you should first of all to take care about the good headline, because the title of the article is very important and carries the special meaning. The title of the article should be short but capacious.

The summary in the beginning of the article is the important part in the writing of such texts. The short characteristic of the main information is the special way of attracting the attention. Developing the main part of the article, you should remember that the text must be written using the simple and understandable language, if the article is optimized for a common man. However, if you write for the special audience, you can use here the wide variety of the terms and the ways of giving the information.

In the end of your article you should use the different stylistically elements and devises, which will make the reader not only to be interested in this but will raise the desire to read the other works of the paper writer.

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I wish you a good luck in the writing of your ideal article.